Part 1
Video projector and player
Dimensions variable
Courtesy 1301PE, Los Angeles

Part 2
Three video projectors and three players
Dimensions variable
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, gift of David and Monica Zwirner, M.2008.68.1–.4

Oo Fifi, Five Days in Claude Monet’s Garden, Part 1 and Part 2, 1992

Art historical narrative and video abstraction

In 1991 I was one of three artists-in-residence at the Fondation Claude Monet. Living and working on the grounds of Monet’s home for six months, I set about documenting his famous garden from April through August, as it went from manicured and orderly in the early spring (note the bed of narcissus at the beginning) to overgrown and jungle-like at the end of the summer. Each month is represented by one walk through the garden. Taking a cue from Monet’s innovative use of color as separated rather than mixed, I separated the video into its component colors, red, green, and blue. In Part 1 of the piece we see the image of the garden separated into these colors and projected by one projector. In Part 2 the same video appears with each color projected by a different projector and the image reassembled. This deconstruction and reconstruction of video is characteristic of my early work.